Kenya Car Hire for Double Cabin Pick Ups: The 4×4 Double cabs are medium pick-up trucks with four doors and full seating arrangement. Double cab pickups are capable of carrying tonnes of payload in their cargo area. They are usually large in size and feature a longer wheelbase. Double cabs generally combine great performance with elegant design.

We have 4WD Toyota Double Cabin pick-ups available for Hire in Kenya . The Toyota Double Cabin can be hired  for both long and short term in Kenya. Our reliable and prompt service, affordable rates, courteous drivers, good dbl cab pickup vehicles, are only a few reasons that makes our company different from our competitors when it comes to Toyota Hilux double pick up cabin rentals in Nairobi.

Toyota Dble Cab Pick up

Our vehicles are fit-for-purpose, well-equipped. We provide peace of mind.  The 4WD TOYOTA DOUBLE CABIN come  with both open and closed back combination cab options. This AWD double cab vehicle is designed for seating four to five passengers as well as provides easy access to the cargo area. Double cabs mostly feature stylish interiors with comfortable seats, excellent audio systems and safety equipment.

Toyota Hilux 4wd without Roof Tent
(Rates of Self-drive exclusive of fuel)

1-9 days: USD.140 Per day.
10-20 days: USD.125 Per day.
Driver and Chef available at an extra cost.

Toyota Hilux 4wd with Rooftent / With Camper Hire
(Rates of Self-drive exclusive of fuel)

1-9 days: USD.180 Per day.
10-20 days: USD.165 Per day.
Driver and Chef available at an extra cost.

Double Cabin with Rooftop Tent

Our 4×4 Double Cabin pick up trucks have option of Roof Top Tent and Camping Equipment. Campers or roof tents are designed for those who like camping of nature while driving offroad with their double cabin pick ups.

Contact us for all your Dble cabs pick-up safari in Kenya, 4×4 double cabin rental, Hire Toyota Double Cabin for long and short term in Kenya. All our Toyota Hilux pick ups for rental  are compliant to the transport act and have all the stipulated licenses and registrations that they may require for 4by4 car hire Kenya Nairobi

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