We have  a fleet of custom designed overland safari vehicles ideal for African overland safaris and group travel in East and Southern Africa.  If you are looking for the complete logistical operation of your tour from start to finish, then read further.

Our overland tour trucks / overland safari vehicles are customized for group camping tours that can be anything from a group of friends, College or university group going for Educational and study tours in Africa , Weddings, Corporate Groups, Sport Teams, Senior Citizens, School Field Trips in Africa , Team building, Parties, Filming tours, Family holiday, Missionaries, Religious and church groups, Medical camp tours, Road shows, Reunions, Wildlife camping safaris, River rafting, Travel agents arranging small and large group holidays to East Africa.

Our Overland Trucks for Hire in Nairobi have sufficient storage compartments for luggage and equipment and are available in Nairobi Kenya. This  4×4 overland safari trucks are suitable for group budget safari and expeditions in Africa .

African Overland Truck Charters 

If you have your own group programs and itineraries you can as well choose to rent an overland truck for your safari expeditions and activities. We charter out the Lando trucks on request and provide you with the necessary logistical support & crew.  The Charters are custom made to suit every requirement of your private group including your preferences in destinations across Africa, duration, type of accommodation, itinerary, arrival and departure dates and group size. This also gives you the flexibility to request changes on your itinerary and accommodations as well as focusing on your intended interests whilst on an overland travel safari.

NB: Seating capacity for the overalander expedition trucks  is for 22, 25, 28 and 30 Passengers.

Overland trucks for hire in Kenya & Tanzania 

Our models include: Mercedes Benz and Scania that are fully converted into overland safari trucks with aircraft style seating and plenty of storage. They come with power steering and we provide all the camping equipment too. We provide the driver and mechanic and our team of staff and we then work with you on the East Africa itinerary.

With our customized overland vehicles we let you travel at your own pace to the destination of your choice. Our overland safari truck services are used by people who want to travel in a group from point A – B. Normally, neither the conditions of the road nor the nature of your journey, are suitable for a standard bus. If this is the type of journey you plan, then you are at the right place!

Africa Overland Safari Trucks

Our overland safari vehicles are customized for overland camping tours in Tanzania and Kenya. They are fully equipped for self-sufficient wild camping, and have comfortable coach-style seating with a wide aisle for leg room and space; a great place to socialise and to see the sites. This heavy duty overland expedition trucks allow us to get to those hard to find, rugged, out of the way places. Dirty and dusty roads with potholes and corrugations are no hindrance in our adventure tour off the beaten track to remote detonations. 

Roaming Africa Tours & Safaris overland adventure trucks  services include:- customized overland vehicles that we rent on a daily basis, assistance in planning your itinerary, reservation and booking of your itinerary.

2024/2025 Prices:
$600 Per Day ( East Africa Countries)
$650  Per Day ( Southern African Countries)

Overland Truck Rate includes:

  • Full Kitchen Equipment
  • Freezer and Cool Box
  • Double-density foam mattresses
  • Camp catering equipment
  • 2 Man Dome Camping Tents
  • Camping Chairs and Tables
  • Individual seats with seat belts and leg room
  • Overhead luggage racks.
  • Lockers for your backpacks and valuables
  • A well-stocked first aid kit for emergencies.
  • Reading material and games
  • Charging facilities for phones and laptops
  • Water tank and Table for food preparation
  • Experienced Driver/Mechanic and two safari Cooks
  • Drivers and Chefs allowances
  • Day to day running of your Safari adventure

Overland Truck Price Excludes

Meals , Vehicle Park entry fees , Passengers park fees, Fuel, Passenger medical insurance

Get discounted rates for  Long Term Overland Truck Rentals for 30+ Days. We are leaders in overland truck rentals and for group safari over landing in East Africa. By hiring with us ! we guarantee best services for your overland safari in Africa

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