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Kenya Safaris

Helicopter Safaris in Kenya– Explore Kenya in the most spectacular way possible, with a private helicopter Safari. Cover Endless Ground From the air with safari helicopter tours  in Kenya.  If your bucket list includes the thrill of unconventional touring, accomplish it with a Kenya helicopter safari.

Helicopter Safaris in Kenya

Take your safari to new heights and soar above snow-peaked mountains hovering over verdant grasslands. Take in wildlife from jungle settings to vast savannas from a vantage point that flies across breathtaking landscapes with our unique Scenic Helicopter Tours in Kenya . Our tailor-made Helicopter adventures cover wild and vast landscapes, following the most scenic routes and touching down spontaneously to take in magnificent views.

A helicopter’s versatility and maneuverability make it ideal for photographers striving to capture unique images with compelling perspectives. We combine geographical wonders and nature for a truly amazing and unforgettable safari experience.

Our tailor-made epic helicopter safaris cover wild and spectacular mountains, valleys, forests and deserts, with a focus on ‘remote and unknown, unexplored and unforgettable’. Our heli-safaris in Kenya  combine the most exciting destinations within Kenya offering spectacular landscapes that can only truly be appreciated by helicopter.

Helicopter Kenya Safari 

You can explore Kenya in the most spectacular way with a private helicopter Safari.  We tailor Helicopter scenic flights on request and flexibility allows us to stop for lunches in the most seclude spots, follow the migration or whatever your desires may be.

For those with larger travel budgets who wish to cover plenty of ground on their safari, charter helicopters are available. Helicopter charter services in Kenya are the perfect way to access remote areas quickly and easily, without the need for landing strips or clearances hence making your safari truly privileged and unique.

Chopper Safari Destinations in Kenya 

The beauty of a helicopter safari is drawn from the ability to traverse spectacular landscapes that can only be properly appreciated from a bird’s view. Here are some of the places in Kenya to explore through a chopper safari:

In Kenya, the most famous destinations include soaring above the ice-capped snowy peaks of Mount Kenya, Masai Mara, Conservancy areas, the Lakes of the Great Rift and the deserts of the North Kenya. We can customize a private safari which will include a combination of helicopter safari services and normal packages.

Helicopter Safari Rates

Helicopter charter costs are based on a fixed hourly flying rate and a minimum of 2 hours a day . Each inquiry is individually tailored to provide the most cost effective solution.

NB: The minimum number is four clients for a helicopter safari. We partner with experienced flight charter companies in East Africa to offer you the best rates possible.

All our Kenya helicopter tours are entirely tailor made so can last from a day or two, or – given the necessary budget – far longer but this sort of free-roaming luxury comes, unsurprisingly, at a cost.

We tailor-make scenic helicopter flights in Kenya on request. We can also offer the Helicopter on tow for your entire Safari. With pick up from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, to your Hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi and onwards for a bespoke flying safari…
Listed here below are highlights of selected guided helicopter excursions on offer in Kenya .


The idyllic scenic flight will take you towards Lake Magadi, the southernmost lake in Kenya’s Rift Valley, which lies in a catchment of faulted volcanic rocks, north of Tanzania’s Lake Natron. During the dry season, it is 80% covered by soda and attracts wading birds including Flamingos. The Lake is so spectacular you have to see the colours to believe it.
Helicopter Scenic Flights . An alternative route, is to fly to the Ewaso Nyiro River Delta another beautiful ecosystem, running between Lake Magadi and Lake Natron. Amazing landscape and game viewing is possible on this route.


The scenic flight to Kilimanjaro is spectacular and must be done as day breaks because the Mountain gets covered in fog later in the morning. The route via Magadi towards the Ewaso Nyiro Delta and Namanga Hills flies as close to Kilimanjaro as possible on the Kenya side. You  will be left awestruck as your helicopter pilot points out all the iconic features on this scenic flight.


Heading South towards the Nguruman Escarpment is an incredible lush, indigenous forest protected within the Nguruman Hills which is home to a large number of Colobus monkey and thesmaller Mountain Elephants. View the Ewaso Nyiro River flowing southward along the foot of the escarpment and catch sights of the stunning waterfalls rarely accessed from the ground. There is an abundance of wildlife and scenery to take in on this route, including the Suswa Crater (a dormant volcano within the Rift Valley), with an option of a flight within the crater offering fantastic photo opportunities of the lava flows.


Depart from Nairobi Wilson and fly into the Great Rift Valley towards Lake Naivasha, en route to the Suswa Crater and Longonot Mountain. Game viewing while traversing over the terrain offers you rare photo opportunities. Look out for huge pods of hippos and herds of buffalo wallowing up to their necks in the water amongst the papyrus and water lilies with prolific birdlife in tow.


Depart from Wilson and head up towards the Rift Valley, over the Longonot Crater and Lake Naivasha before crossing the saddle of the Aberdares – an older volcanic mountain range. Its
unusual vegetation, rugged terrain, deep ravines cutting through its forested eastern and western slopes, clear water streams and waterfalls all combine to create an area of lush scenic beauty. The Aberdares is blessed with magnificent waterfalls, including the Karuru Falls which drop 272 metres and the Gura Falls which drop 305 metres. Fly towards Solio and take in magical sights of Mt. Kenya.


Fly into Kenya’s northern frontier towards the Aberdare Mountain range and enjoy views of the stunning Karuru and Gura Water falls; fly over the Aberdare National Park before you make
your approach to Mount Kenya. Weather permitting, explore the peaks, lakes and valleys of this prolific Mountain. East of Mount Kenya your Pilot will choose an ideal spot to land, before
proceeding to your final drop off at your camp/lodge.


Flying north, the scenic flight will include a view of the Aberdare Mountain range and the stunning waterfalls on this Mountain range. Enjoy the lush scenic beauty of this area as you head
towards the Mount Kenya region. Further north following the Kipsing River, you will see the characteristic rocks pinching the Kipsing Lugga from its banks and view the stunning sight that
is the Ololukwe monolith.


Head for Meru via the spectacular Aberdare Mountain range, huge waterfalls on view as you weave through the valleys of the Mountain. Enjoy sights of Mount Kenya en route. Depending
on the weather, your Pilot will advise if you can explore the peaks and possibly even land on the banks of Lake Ellis or Rutundu – on top of Africa’s second tallest mountain, Mount Kenya.
Depart towards the Tana River and into Meru National Park for some game viewing before drop off at your Lodge/Camp.


This is a two days scenic route flying with one night stop! offering stunning landscapes. Start your flight from Wilson Airport, from here head towards Kenya’s northern frontier, overfly the Aberdare Mountain Range see the Gura and Kura Waterfalls whose drops are near 300m each. Africa’s second tallest mountain, Mt Kenya is a sight to behold. Even a spot of fishing is possible at Lake Elliis on Mount Kenya. Suggest to overnight* in Laikipia area (Day one ), or get picked up from Samburu, Nanyuki, Lewa or Meru, and then fly north all the way to the southern end of Lake Turkana. Flying close to beautiful springs and the amazing Singing Wells will certainly leave you awestruck. The incredible beauty of this part of the country will take your breath away, with its variety of landscapes including the Suguta Valley, Silale Crater, the Southern Dunes, Lake Lojipe, Cathedral Rock, and the Laikipia plateau.


There are two routes to Amboseli: one goes south of the Ngong Hills towards Magadi, where you fly along the Tanzanian border to the Namanga Hills before landing at the Amboseli
Airstrip or at the camp/lodge you will be staying at. The route offers intimate encounters for birdwatchers and is an ideal route in the months of July and August. The second option is to
fly south of Nairobi towards the Chyulu Hills: a route ideal for game viewing. Both routes include breathtaking views of Africa’s tallest Mountain – Kilimanjaro.


Heading to the Kenyan Coast of Diani, fly south towards the Chyulu Hills (which consists of several hundred small lava flows and cones). These hills do not have permanent rivers, but the
rainfall on the hills feed the Tsavo and Galana Rivers and Mzima Springs on the surrounding plains. The abundance of game is nothing short of spectacular. Sights also include Kilimanjaro
and the Taita Hills – both famed for their moist forests and unique flora and fauna. Fly over the Shimba Hills and spot yourself a herd of elephants before you fly across towards the Indian
Ocean and Diani.


The Malindi scenic route goes via the Yatta Plateau and Tsavo River, which runs from the Western end of the Tsavo East National Park until it joins with the Athi River – forming the Galana River near the centre of the Park; to Tsavo East and then Malindi. Enjoy game views en route before reaching the Coastal town of Malindi or Watamu.


This route will be similar to the Malindi route; however, you will fly towards Tsavo East following the Athi-Galana-Sabaki River – the second longest river in Kenya. The flight path will go Northwards from the Tana River Delta, and includes a view the Dunes as you head up to Lamu.

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